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Who Should Wear Gomed

Hessonite, Gomed, Gomeda, Gomedha, are all the names of the same supernatural stone, which represent the planet Rahu. In Vedic astrology, there are mainly nine planets in our solar system that carry ownership on nine different zodiac signs. However, Rahu and Ketu are not said to be an official planet hereby. Rahu is considered as a very malefic planet and said to be a shadow planet of another malefic planet Ketu. Natural Hessonite aka Gomedha is worn to get relief from the atrocities of the evil eye of Rahu.

Natural Gomed is primarily found in a light to a deep brownish-yellow color shade that sometimes ranges up to maroonish hues, which eventually resemble the color of honey or even cow’s urine that has derived its Hindi name ‘Go-med’. Owing to its association with the planet Rahu, Real Gomed is mainly recommended to be worn by individuals who are undergoing the toughest Rahu Mahadasha in their lives. This variant of the garnet mineral family affects the human energy fields. Since today you have endless options to Buy Gemstones Online, you should be quite prudent while buying any precious gemstones online. Explore all the essential tips and tricks to be taken into consideration while buying gemstone online in our previous blog THINGS TO DOUBLE SURE WHILE BUYING GEMSTONE ONLINE.

Who Can Wear Gomed or Hessonite

  • Whether it is Hessonite or Red Coral (Moonga), one should only wear these cosmic gemstones only if they suit him or her. For the said assurance, you should consult a learned astrologer along with your birth chart. Only after thoroughly studying the placement of stars and position of planets in your house of horoscope, an astrologer will suggest whether a stone suits you or not. Study below the suitable ascendants who can preferably wear Hessonite gemstone or Gomed Ratan and avail the best ever cosmic benefits out of it.
  • Indian Vedic astrology assigns Gomed Ratan for Aquarius Zodiac sign or Kumbh Rashi.
  • Whereas western science prescribes it as the birthstone for Gemini natives.
  • Gomed gemstone is also suitable for Libra and Taurus sun signs.
  • It also works serviceable for the person whose Rahu is not beneficially positioned in the horoscope.
  • When this malefic planet Rahu is placed in the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses of your horoscope, you should certainly wear a Real Gomed Stone.

How to Wear Gomed

Be it Gomed or Manik (Ruby), any gemstone results at its best potential when worn according to the correct Vedic procedure. The same rule applies to this light brownish-colored gemstone i.e., Hessonite aka Gomed. A Gomed Ratan performs at its best level when worn in the rightly prescribed manner. When worn in a silver setting, a Gomed Ring benefits the most. If you wanna know How to Wear a Gomed or Hessonite Stone, study our previous write-up.

Note:- All the above-mentioned information is for general knowledge purposes. You must consult an expert astrologist or a professional gemologist before buying or wearing Gomed or any other supernatural-colored stone.

Buy Certified Gomed Online

For assuring maximum benefits, astrologers recommend wearing only of genuine gemstones as they are believed to be most natural and beneficial. On the same note, if you are looking out to buy natural gomed online, then always prefer to buy it from a trusted gemstone store or website. Explore Navratan, the online gem Bazar, and get to experience the latest range of all-colored gemstones along with an authenticity certificate at the best price. Avail of a safe worldwide shipping facility and an easy return option for 10 days. Grab the cosmic powers of a Real Gomed stone via a hassle-free shopping episode.


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